Ngarsopuro, Solo City

Ngarsopuro Solo Surakarta

Ngarsopuro Solo Surakarta

Brief Indformation

Solo City (or officially called Surakarta City) is the heritage city which is located in Central Java Province, Indonesia. It is the home of Java culture, batik cloth, wayang puppet show, and all the Javanese thing. With the city tagline “The Spirit of Java”, Solo city try to bring its past culture to this modern era.

This is Ngarsopuro Pictures Gallery. Ngarsopuro is a traditional pedestrian near Mangkunegaran Palace (Kraton Mangkunegaran). Ngarsopuro is built with Javanese architecture that bring you to Java in the past. Here also lies Windujenar Market or Triwindu Market antique market which sell Indonesian antique merchandise, such as antique coin, statue, fossil, pottery, and other thing that is hard to be found in the current time.

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Solo City, Central Java, Indonesia

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