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Srau Beach, Pacitan


Srau Beach


Srau Beach is one of many beautiful beaches in Pacitan Town, East Java Province, Indonesia. It has amazing waves and pure white sands, not to mention, exotic landscape view. For those who love a tranquil or quiet place, this beach seems to be ideal.  When we came on weekdays, there were only me and my family playing on the beach.

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Srau Beach, Pacitan Town, East Java Province, Indonesia

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Gong Cave

Beautiful Cave

The amazing stalactites and stalagmites of Gong Cave

Brief Information:

Gong Cave is said to be the most beautiful cave in Southeast Asia. It has amazing stalactites, stalagmites, and cave walls which are formed from marbles, crystals, and karsts.

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Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia

Klayar Beach

Pacitan Beach

Beautiful Klayar Beach, Pacitan, Indonesia

Brief Information:

Klayar Beach is a wonderful white sandy beach featured with giant rocks aside the beach.


Klayar Beach, Pacitan, Indonesia